Monday, August 30, 2010

Sept. 4th at Lucas Theater

All ages had a good time playing Wii Games at the 2nd Annual Wii Games Tournament at the Theater on Sept. 4th. Sixteen participants played boxing, baseball, tennis, and bowling on the big screen. In the ages 11 and under - Boxing - John Piper was 1st, Noah Piper was 2nd; Baseball - Jaylan Schneider was 1st, Noah Piper was 2nd; Tennis - Noah Piper was 1st, Sam Princ was 2nd; Bowling - Sam Princ was 1st, Jaylan Schneider was 2nd. In the ages 12 to 20 - Boxing - Bryce Felio was 1st, Kalvin Piper was 2nd; Baseball - Zack Marchal was 1st, Trai Heenan was 2nd; Tennis - Kalvin Piper was 1st, Trai Heenan was 2nd; Bowling Zach Marchal was 1st, Bryce Felio was 2nd. In the Adults - Justin Gray was 1st and Janea Gray was 2nd.

The Theater Lunch Stand was a success with over 100 people enjoying the pulled pork and baked beans prepared by Frank Pool. Thanks to Connie Urban, the Theater was decorated with Demon and Cougar uniforms. Lynn Schneider prepared a display of pictures showing our volunteers who were Demons and Cougars along with other volunteers who worked in the Theater from the Lucas area. It was a fun and busy day at the Theater and in Lucas!

The winner of the "1 Year Movie Pass" to the Lucas Area Community Theater was Lukas Bretz. Congratulations Lukas!

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