Monday, November 26, 2012

Lucas Santa Claus Day

Lucas Santa Claus Day Winners

 The Lucas Area Community Theater partnered with the Lucas Area Chamber of Commerce and Lucas PRIDE Committee to host Santa Claus Day on Dec. 15th. At 1pm, the Lucas PRIDE Committee awarded Garrett Bland with a $100 Scholarship as the 2012 PRIDE Youth Award recipient and the Friends of S.P. Dinsmoor’s Garden of Eden awarded Elaina Haberer with a $100 Scholarship as a 2012 High School Graduate working as a Garden of Eden docent. Both, Garrett and Elaina, are excellent volunteers and ambassadors for the Lucas community.

 Announcements were made for the Business Drawings.  Brant’s Meat Market gave out two $20 gift certificates to Mary Hickman and Don Fisher.  Leach and Naegele Hardware gave out two $25 gift certificates to Jim Winker and Delma Naegele.  The Bennington State Bank winner was Tammy Hower with a $50 gift certificate. Troy’s Grocery gave away three $25 gift certificates to Tim Wolting, Caryle Ward, and Brent Frederking.  The Lucas Publishing Company gave two free year subscriptions to Larry Hickman and Darrel Zigler. Lucas Area Community Theater winners were Zach Rose winning the 24” Youth Bicycle, while Sameil Felio, Melvin Efken, and Kia Piper each received a 10 Movie Punch Card.  Winners of the Chamber Gift Certificates which were drawn out from all the Business Drawing tickets were $50 Gift Certificate to Gunner Weaver, and $25 Gift Certificates to Tammy Hower and Corbin Ammon. The Lucas businesses had several signing up for the Santa Claus Day Drawings. It pays to shop local!

 Winners of the Christmas Decorating Contest were Adam Baker for the Judge’s Choice, Barry Maupin for the Oh Christmas Tree song, and Connie Urban was drawn for the Nativity Scene.  Take a drive around town and enjoy the lights and decorations, and sit or dance if it’s cold at the PRIDE Mini Park to listen to the Christmas music as the lights dance with the music. Get ready for next year’s Christmas Decorating Contest. The categories will be the Judge’s Choice, Christmas Wreath, and Nativity Scene which we will draw a name from all those who have a Nativity Scene. 

Everyone enjoyed the free Pepsi and popcorn sponsored by the Lucas Area Community Theater, Inc. and the free movie “Pirates: Band of Misfits” in 3-D sponsored by Lucas Lions Club, Troy’s Grocery, Home Oil Service, Heinze and Associates, Brant’s Meat Market, Rodrick and Minear Funeral Home, Lucas Publishing Company, Bennington State Bank of Lucas and Sylvan Grove, Lynn’s Glass Works, The Farmers Bank of Osborne and Luray, and Sylvan Lions Club.  Santa Claus arrived after the movie to visit with about eighty little boys and girls about what they wanted for Christmas with Gunner Weaver helping the kids and Rita Sharp taking pictures. Yamine Etienne helped Santa hand out the treats which were sponsored by the City of Lucas and Lucas Area Chamber of Commerce. 

Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Lucas Holiday Gift Show

The Lucas Holiday Gift Show on Nov. 17th at the Lucas Theater from 9am to 2pm was well attended by around 80 people . Over 20 Craftors and Businesses had booths set up including Mary Kay Products, Stained Glass & Etchings, Laser Engraved Christmas Ornaments, Scentsy Products, Pampered Chef, Baby Gifts, Embroidered & Crochet Gifts, Homemade Candy, Handmade Pillows Dolls & Animals, Jam Berry Nails, Handmade Purses & Bags, Jewelry, Avon Products, Lucas 125th Souvenirs, Paintings & Drawings, Belly Button Bears, Bird Houses, Handmade Cards, Quilt Hangings, Handmade Christmas Ornaments, Books. Many shoppers enjoyed the Chamber Lunchstand from 11:30am to 2pm in the Theater. It was a great day to Shop in Lucas!

Terroriffic 13th Annual Spook Parade at Lucas Theater

 The Lucas Area Community Theater hosted the 13th Annual Spook Parade on Oct. 27th at 4pm. The Kids for Christ youth group held their annual Bake Sale at 3pm that featured some very yummy treats for the adults. Over 80 Halloween costumed zombies, witches, and very creative "items" march across the stage for their friends and family. The judges were Connie Dougherty, Von Rothenberger, Kay Marshall, and Michaela Pate. They had a tough job judging those young critters and things for the "scariest" and "most unique". The emcee, "Gypsy" Lyn Leach did a fine job interviewing the participants, some had names and some didn't. Prizes were donated by the Lucas Chamber of Commerce, Lucas PRIDE, Lucas Area Community Theater, and Russell McDonalds. Treats were handed to each of the participants, sponsored by the City of Lucas and the Lucas Chamber of Commerce. As you can see we added a few extra age categories with the incredible turn out of spooks. Lyn Leach, with helpers Lynn & Les Schneider, Miki Steinle, and Jedd Rowden did a great job organizing them for the judges.
The winners were: 1 year olds and under - Callyn Brummer as Spaghetti and Graisan Zachgo as Meatball were "most unique" and Daegan Dorris as a Gorilla was "scariest", 2 year olds - Jennifer Gilbert as Medusa was "most unique" and Evan Lamb as Buzz Lighyear was "scariest", 3 year olds - Jerrick Gray as a duck hunter was "most unique" and Kenzley Frederking as Pocahontas was "scariest", 4 and 5 year old Preschoolers - Josie Svaty as Bat Girl was "most unique" and Zayne Maupin as Spiderman was "scariest", Kindergarten - Bella Naylor as Bat Girl was "most unique" and Greyson Boor as a Vampire was "scariest", 1st Grade - McKaylee Maupin as Willie the Wildcat was "most unique" and Susie Gilbert as Alice in Armor was "scariest", 2nd Grade - Ava Dorris as Audrey Hepburn as Holly Golightly in Breakfast at Tiffany's was "most unique" and Javon Letsch as Dr. Death was "scariest", 3rd Grade - Kaleb Bricker as Barney Five was "most unique" and Trinity Sutton as Torelle was "scariest", 4th Grade - Keagan Sutton as BoBa Fet was "most unique" and Alec Weaver as a Skeleton with glowing eyes was "scariest", 5th Grade - double winners were Keera Maupin as a Combine and Kelsey Decker as a Girl riding on an Ostrich for "most unique" and Sasha Albert as Kali goddess of Death was "scariest", 6th Grades through 12 Grades - Dharma C ouse as an IPhone was "most unique" and Bailey Evans as a Creepy Porcelain Doll was "scariest", Adults- "old fart" was the "most unique" and "3 witches" were "scariest". The judges did good but needed some "treats" after the Spook Parade.
Gene and Kayanne Meitler, Heartland Hay, gave everyone a hayrack ride after the Spook Parade. The group was a bit "chilled" when they returned, maybe Gene scared them a bit. Everyone did a great job with some very unusual costumes - we can't wait to see what they "stir up" next year!

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Not the Ordinary Kansas Garden - Film Premeire

The "Not An Ordinary Kansas Garden" Documentary Film Premiere about the Grassroots Art in Lucas by Kisa Clark on Oct. 21st was a success. People of all ages came to enjoy the hour long film about the Garden of Eden & Restoration, the Grassroots Art & artists, Flying Pig Studio & Gallery, World's Largest Things, and Bowl Plaza First Flush. DVD's are for sale at the Grassroots Art Center and on eBay.

Monday, August 20, 2012

Lucas 125th Celebration Happening at the Lucas Theater on Sept. 29

The Lucas 125 Celebration at the Lucas Theater was a success on Sept. 29th. The Parade at 10am stopped in front of the Theater with over 60 participants and announcers Rod Ammons and Greg Heinze were heard throughout Main Street commenting on the great Celebration and parade entries. The Lucas Chamber of Commerce Bucket Lunch served around 150 in the Lucas Theater Community Room with Memory Quilts while PowerPoint Presentation was shown in the auditorium. Many took their Bucket Lunch or Sack Lunch to go to the PRIDE Mini Park for Music Entertainment by Thad Beach and the Smoky Hills Brass Quintet. At the Theater - 3pm & 7pm - "The Mystery Murder of Fred Dininny" Performance by the FRINGE Theatre Group of FHSU. Lucas Historical Re-enactment of the murder of Fred Dininny of Lucas. Around 130 people enjoyed each showing. Amanda Steinle and her crew did a fantastic job.

Monday, July 30, 2012

Quilt Show on August 7 & 8

5th Annual Lucas Theater Quilt Show

On Aug. 7 & 8, the Lucas Theater hosted an “Old & New Memories” Quilt Show each afternoon. Around 50 quilts were shown with old hand stitched quilts that were well loved and new contemporary style quilts. Each quilt held a special memory or story. The Theater was covered with quilts. Miki Steinle helped Lynn Schneider place the quilts over tables and seats.

Those who brought in quilts included LeeAnn Herold, Kristie and Rose Marie Boland, Shirley Svaty, Margaret Naegele, Lois Cooper, Linda Jepsen, Dee Durham, Tess McKnight, Sue Wenthe, Karlene Svaty, Lynn Schneider, Karen Wallace, Gerry Parker, Mary Lou Steinle, and Nancy Jo Leachman. Some of the quilts were handed down by family and some had traveled back home to Lucas. Lois Cooper had an old friendship quilt that found its way back to Lucas while Karlene Svaty brought in the quilt made in 1995 for Pastor Max and June Frolick on his retirement from the ministry. Pastor Max was the Lucas minister for 7 years before they retired to Abilene. When he passed away in the spring of 2012 and his wife was no longer able to stay at home, the family gave the quilt to Karlene to keep in Lucas. Karen Wallace had the last quilt made by the Lucas Methodist Church ladies on display.

Some from the quilt show stopped by the home of LeeAnn and Ray Herold on Aug. 7th for a demonstration of a quilting machine. It was a treat to see the modern day quilting machine for those who had quilted by hand with family and friends. The Herold’s were very gracious to show their quilting areas that still have several friends come together to socialize while piecing and quilting just like the early day settlers and those who used to quilt together at the Lucas Methodist Church just a few years ago.

At the end of the show on Aug. 8th, the winner of the quilt made by LeeAnn and Ray Herold for the Lucas Area Community Theater as a fundraiser was drawn. The winner was Betty Pilcher of Lebanon Kansas. Lynn Schneider’s mother, Gladys Kennedy of Lebanon, offered to sell chances for the lovely “Victorian Garden” quilt, so one of those chances was the winner. Betty Pilcher is excited to receive the quilt.

The Lucas Theater Quilt Show theme for next year is “Spring, Summer, and Scrappy Sizzlers”. The show will certainly be bright and cheery with quilts, wall-hangings, and other handiwork like crochet, knit, and embroidery.

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Dream Big - Read Library Performance

On July 17th, 7pm at the Theater. Laughing Matters, Jay and Leslie performed Lucky Stars for all ages. Jay and Leslie entertained the crowd with some tricks before the show like throwing the invisible ball into the sack and spinning a plate on their finger. Kids and adults helped with the stories and tricks throughout the show. The Three Little Pig story was a fun time with the kids and adults like Eric Abraham of the Flying Pig Studio and Gallery and Jera Bates with her magical hat. The kids were the house made of straw, sticks, and bricks with a door and chimmney. Jay and Leslie had a great time in Lucas before the show exploring Bowl Plaza, the Flying Pig Studio and Gallery, and the Garden of Eden.

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Successful Glenn Miller Orchestra Performance

Hogan Entertainment brought in the Glenn Miller Orchestra to the Lucas Theater on May 30th to perform. The audience of 125 people immensely enjoyed the performance. Most common statement from people was how did Lucas get the Glenn Miller Orchestra?! Richard Hogan is checking on some more performances in the Lucas Theater.

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

14th Annual Alumni Hog Roast

On May 26th, the Lucas Area Community Theater held their delicious Hog Roast from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m. in the Theater. Over 250 people enjoyed the meal and homemade ice cream by the Women of the Methodist Church. Bryce Naegele won the Cougar Stepping Stone and Butch Minear won the Demon Stepping Stone. We are still selling chances for the beautiful "Victorian Garden" Quilt made and donated by LeeAnn and Ray Herold.

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Easter Matinee on April 7th @ 3pm

The Lucas Theater auditorium was full with 180 people for the FREE Easter Matinee, "Happy Feet Two" in 3D PG on April 7th. Everyone enjoyed the Free small Pepsi and popcorn. Sponsored by Wilson Communications Company, Lucas PRIDE, Lucas Area Chamber of Commerce, Lucas Motor Company, Leach & Naegele Hardware, Luray Midway Co-Op, Luray Harmony Club, Lucas Aurora Club, United Ag Services, Rodrick & Minear Funeral Home, Bluestem Valley Services, Inc., Sylvan Lions Club, Russell County Sheriff Dept., and Lucas Area Community Theater, Inc.

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Ladies Retreat with Eternity Focus on Mar. 24

On Mar. 24th, several ladies and youth enjoyed music and teaching of Eternity Focus at the Lucas Theater. Eternity Focus is an award winning group whose music has touched countless lives for Jesus Christ across the nation. These four sisters; Alika, Danika, Janika and Lainika Seaman from Lebanon, Kansas have released four albums. Hear them share the inspiring message of God's grace, healing, hope and love through testimony and song.  

Monday, January 9, 2012

New Year's Eve Movie Night

The Russell County Sheriff Dept. and the Lucas Area Community Theater hosted free movies on Dec. 31st for the area communities. The audience of over 160 watched "The Muppets" & "New Year's Eve". Our volunteers did a great job working with the movie goers on their concessions. Thanks Bill, Sheri, Bailey, &; Delaney Herold, &; Jedd Rowden, Trai Heenan.