Thursday, December 26, 2013

Free New Year's Eve Movie on Dec. 31st

Just over 100 people enjoyed watching "The Hobbit: The Desolation of the Smaug" in 2D! Sponsored by the Russell County Sheriff Department, Russell County Community Partnership, and the Lucas Area Community Theater. Thank you volunteers for your support in 2013.

Monday, December 9, 2013

Lucas Santa Claus Day Business Drawing Winners on Dec. 14

The Lucas Area Community Theater, Lucas Area Chamber of Commerce, and Lucas PRIDE Committee hosted Santa Claus Day on Dec. 14th at the Lucas Theater. At 1pm, the Lucas PRIDE Committee announced that Kerrick Kuder was the recipient of the $100 Scholarship 2013 PRIDE Youth Leadership Award. Kerrick was unable to attend the Santa Claus Day event, but we appreciate his volunteer work in the Lucas area community.

 Announcements were made for the Business Drawings.  Brant’s Meat Market gave out two $20 gift certificates to Mary Hickman and Greg Burger.  Leach and Naegele Hardware gave out a $25 gift certificate to Dusty Feil and a $15 gift certificate to Gary Wilson. The Bennington State Bank winner was Ernest Schoen with a $50 gift certificate. Troy’s Grocery gave away two $25 gift certificates to Rachel Dorman and Stephanie Oltean.  The Lucas Publishing Company gave two free year subscriptions to Doug Princ and Amanda Weigel. A new organization that participated in the Business Drawings this year was the Lucas Parks and Rec group. They had people signing up for their drawing at the Lucas Public Library. Each of their winners received a fun Board Game to play with family and friends; Savannah Ammon, Lisa & Corben Ammon, Misty Sommerland with Mara and Jasmine picking out the game, and Mason Petitt. Lucas Area Community Theater winners were Dayton Couse winning the 24” Youth Bicycle, while Robin Ward, Matthew Miller, and Alex Waggle each received a 10 Movie Punch Card.  Winners of the Chamber Gift Certificates which were drawn out from all the Business Drawing tickets were $50 Gift Certificate to Savannah Ammon, and $25 Gift Certificates to Greg Albert and Wilma Burger. The Lucas businesses had several signing up for the Santa Claus Day Drawings. It pays to shop local!

 Winners of the Christmas Decorating Contest were Adam Baker for the Judge’s Choice, Darcy and Justin Couse family with the Wreath, and Jim McDowell was drawn for the Nativity Scene.  Take a drive around town and enjoy the lights and decorations, and sit or dance if it’s cold at the PRIDE Mini Park to listen to the Christmas music as the lights dance with the music. Get ready for next year’s Christmas Decorating Contest. The categories will be the Judge’s Choice, Angel(s), and Nativity Scene which we will draw a name from all those who have a Nativity Scene. 

 A crowd of over 100 people enjoyed the free Pepsi and popcorn sponsored by the Lucas Area Community Theater, Inc. and the free movie “Polar Express” in 3-D sponsored by Lucas Lions Club, Troy’s Grocery, Home Oil Service, Heinze and Associates, Brant’s Meat Market, Rodrick and Minear Funeral Home, Lucas Publishing Company, Bennington State Bank of Lucas and Sylvan Grove, Lynn’s Glass Works & Laser Engraving, The Farmers Bank of Osborne and Luray, and Russell County Community Partnership.  Santa Claus arrived after the movie to visit with about eighty little boys and girls about what they wanted for Christmas with Gunner Weaver helping the kids and Rita Sharp taking pictures. Yasmine Etienne, Jedd Rowden, Dharma Couse, and Madison Streit helped Santa hand out the treats which were sponsored by the City of Lucas and Lucas Area Chamber of Commerce. 

Tuesday, December 3, 2013

A Reason For Hope Benefit Concert

A Reason For Hope Benefit Concert was a spectacular success on Dec. 1st of 2013. The benefit was for Hydrocephalus with local vocalist, Stephanie Oltean. The stage was decorated with lights, ornaments, and props that highlighted the Christmas spirit as Stephanie sang several Christmas songs that meant so much to her. It was a very classy and well prepared inspirational performance, with stage designs by Stephanie and Robert Oltean, Trent and Lyn Leach, and Chris Leach. Keep November 30th or December 7th open in 2014 for the next annual A Reason For Hope Benefit Concert

Monday, November 4, 2013

Successful Lucas Holiday Gift Show on Nov. 23rd from 9am to 2pm

Lucas Theater and Lucas Chamber of Commerce hosted the Holiday Gift Show on Nov. 23rd at the Lucas Theater from 9am to 2pm.  At 9am, the Kids For Christ youth group had their Bake Sale in the front lobby. From 11:30am to 2pm, the Lucas Chamber of Commerce had sloppy joes, chips, drink, and dessert for sale and served by the Kids For Christ youth group. About seventy people enjoyed shopping while about fifty of them also enjoyed the meal. The vendors were very pleased with their sales. Vendors included Avon, Mary Kay, Thirty-One Bags, Scentsy, Pampered Chef, stained glass and etchings, Christmas ornaments, quilt wall hangings, jewelry and accessories, Paintings on Glass, Bird Houses, fabric novelty gifts, fabric purses and accessories, laser engraved personalized gifts, recycled pallet gifts, photographs and postcards, metal Christmas trees and wreaths, box spring art.

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Lucas Spook Parade on Oct. 26th at 2pm

14th Annual Spook Parade at Lucas Theater

The Lucas Area Community Theater hosted the 14th Annual Spook Parade on Oct. 26th at 2pm. Some Ninjas, Shadows, Angels (good & bad), and Vampires (who like neck-tarines!) visited with emcee, Rod Ammons, on stage for family and friends to enjoy their costumes and auditions. The judges were Connie Dougherty, Von Rothenberger, Mari and Mike Tucker. It was a tough job but somebody had to pick the winners for the “scariest” and “most unique”. Prizes were donated by the Lucas Chamber of Commerce, Lucas PRIDE, Lucas Area Community Theater, Russell County Community Partnership, and Russell McDonalds.

The winners were: 1 year olds and under – Daegen Dorris as Mr. Fredrickson from Pixar’s Movie “Up”  was “most unique” and Harper and Tallulah Hogan as Boo-Bees were “scariest”, 2 year olds – Kelton Frederking as Super Man was “most unique” and Carsyn Hower as Flower the Skunk was “scariest”, 3 year olds – Jacob Oltean as a Basketball Player was “most unique” and Evan Lamb as Willie Robertson of “Duck Dynasty” was “scariest”, 4 and 5 year old Preschoolers – Zachary Hernandez as Minion Dave from “Despicable Me” was “most unique” and Kendale Felio as a Pirate was “scariest”, Kindergarten – Chase Palmer as a No. 2 Pencil was “most unique” and Corben Ammon as a Dragon was “scariest”,  1st Grade – Summer Bates as a Dark Angel was “most unique” and Jessica Seirer as a Vampire was “scariest”, 2nd Grade – Blane Lamb as Si Robertson of “Duck Dynasty” was “most unique” and Kolton Palmer as Storm Shadow Ninja was “scariest”, 3rd Grade – Ava Dorris as a Butterfly was “most unique”, 4th Grade – Kaleb Bricker as an Old Man with an Invisible Dog was “most unique” and Zach Rose as the Headless Horseman was “scariest”, 5th Grade – Cameron Waggle as Shadow for “most unique” and Alec Weaver as Skeleton was “scariest”, 6th Grade – Autumn Princ as a Homeless Person complete with Cat was “most unique” and Kelsey Decker as a Headless Girl holding her Head was “scariest”, Grades 7th-8th – Jedd Rowden as a Pig in a Blanket was the “most unique”, Grades 9th – 12th – Philip Felio as a Business Man was “most unique” and Emma Felio as a Pirate was “scariest”. Adults- Dylan Rousch as Tall Guy was the “most unique” and the anonymous Spooky Clown was “scariest”. It was a fun time and all the volunteers did a great job entertaining the spooks and their families.

Treats were handed to each of the participants, sponsored by the City of Lucas, Russell County Community Partnership, and the Lucas Chamber of Commerce. Rod Ammons, with helpers Lynn & Les Schneider, Yasmin Etienne, Dharma Couse, and Jedd Rowden kept the group of tricksters organized for the judges. What will they think of for next year’s Spook Parade?




Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Lucas Theater Awarded a Grant by RCCF

The Lucas Area Community Theater, Inc. received a grant from the Russell County Area Community Foundation for a Summer Youth Entertainment Program. These funds are part of the Kansas Health Foundation Children’s Fund to improve the health and well-being of children living in the area. The grant was for $445 with matching funds from the Lucas Area Community Theater, Inc. and other donations. The Lucas Area Community Theater, Inc. board of directors include: Les Schneider, President; Trent Leach, Vice-President; Kristie Boland, Treasurer; Lynn Schneider, Secretary; Lyn Leach; Wilmetta Dick; Jim Svaty; Frank and Joan Pool; Kathy Heinze; and Sarah Brown.

The program has started off this past week with the Lucas Theater hosting one of the Lucas and area Libraries Summer Reading Program, “Dig into Reading” special presentations. On June 11th, the Kansas Wetlands Education Center presented a program at the Theater on Prairie Dogs.

There will be a DVD movie afternoon on, Tuesday, June 18th at 3pm in the back Theater Community Room for those in First Grade thru 6th Grade. They will enjoy a healthy snack. The various age groups will be divided up for other activities throughout the summer which will include some Main Street clean up and beautification, drawing activities for creative art projects for Main Street and City Park, games, and healthy snacks. 

During July and August, the youth helped with community projects like putting the "Put In Cups" sign for the Adam's Apple Festival and Highland Games. Then again they helped with the sign in Sept. for the Sunflower Visual Arts Festival. And again for the Oct. Pedal Pull and Fall Festival sign. 

They enjoyed painting on the Barn Quilt Project for the Lucas PRIDE Committee in August. The Barn Quilts were used on the Chamber and PRIDE float for the Adam's Apple Festival Parade. The Barn Quilts are now on display in the PRIDE Mini Park, but will be moved to a permanent location during the Christmas Holiday. 

Monday, May 13, 2013

15th Annual Alumni Hog Roast

Many alumni and friends and visitors enjoyed a Roast Hog sandwich, baked beans, chips or potato salad, and drink on May 25th from 11am to 1pm in the Theater Community Room. The cooks, Greg Bland and Frank Pool, prepared for a crowd to come eat their delicious food. Many helped with the supplies via the shopping list at Troy’s Grocery store. It was comfortable inside the Theater and the crowd enjoyed visiting. Donations for the meal and chances will go towards Theater repairs and special performances.

The Women of the Church had their homemade ice cream for sale in the Theater Community Room. The Lucas Area Chamber of Commerce also had several photos of the Lucas area for sale.

If you would like to make a donation to the Lucas Area Community Theater, mail your donation to Lucas Area Community Theater, P.O. Box 1, Lucas, KS 67648. 

Monday, April 29, 2013

Centerstage Dance Recital

May 5 @ 4:30pm at the Lucas Area Community Theater. Concessions for Sale!

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Free Easter Matinee

On March 30th at 3pm the Free Easter Matinee with free small Pepsi and small popcorn was a great success with a full auditorium enjoying "The Croods" in 3D. Sponsored by the following businesses, Wilson Communications Company, Russell County Sheriff Dept., Lucas Chamber of Commerce, Lucas PRIDE, City of Lucas, Lucas Motor Company, Leach & Naegele Hardware, Rodrick & Minear Funeral Home, United Ag Services, Midway Co-Op Elevator and Station, Lucas Lions Club, Sylvan Lions Club, Lucas Aurora Club, Luray Harmony Club, Bluestem Valley Services, and more.