Monday, July 30, 2012

Quilt Show on August 7 & 8

5th Annual Lucas Theater Quilt Show

On Aug. 7 & 8, the Lucas Theater hosted an “Old & New Memories” Quilt Show each afternoon. Around 50 quilts were shown with old hand stitched quilts that were well loved and new contemporary style quilts. Each quilt held a special memory or story. The Theater was covered with quilts. Miki Steinle helped Lynn Schneider place the quilts over tables and seats.

Those who brought in quilts included LeeAnn Herold, Kristie and Rose Marie Boland, Shirley Svaty, Margaret Naegele, Lois Cooper, Linda Jepsen, Dee Durham, Tess McKnight, Sue Wenthe, Karlene Svaty, Lynn Schneider, Karen Wallace, Gerry Parker, Mary Lou Steinle, and Nancy Jo Leachman. Some of the quilts were handed down by family and some had traveled back home to Lucas. Lois Cooper had an old friendship quilt that found its way back to Lucas while Karlene Svaty brought in the quilt made in 1995 for Pastor Max and June Frolick on his retirement from the ministry. Pastor Max was the Lucas minister for 7 years before they retired to Abilene. When he passed away in the spring of 2012 and his wife was no longer able to stay at home, the family gave the quilt to Karlene to keep in Lucas. Karen Wallace had the last quilt made by the Lucas Methodist Church ladies on display.

Some from the quilt show stopped by the home of LeeAnn and Ray Herold on Aug. 7th for a demonstration of a quilting machine. It was a treat to see the modern day quilting machine for those who had quilted by hand with family and friends. The Herold’s were very gracious to show their quilting areas that still have several friends come together to socialize while piecing and quilting just like the early day settlers and those who used to quilt together at the Lucas Methodist Church just a few years ago.

At the end of the show on Aug. 8th, the winner of the quilt made by LeeAnn and Ray Herold for the Lucas Area Community Theater as a fundraiser was drawn. The winner was Betty Pilcher of Lebanon Kansas. Lynn Schneider’s mother, Gladys Kennedy of Lebanon, offered to sell chances for the lovely “Victorian Garden” quilt, so one of those chances was the winner. Betty Pilcher is excited to receive the quilt.

The Lucas Theater Quilt Show theme for next year is “Spring, Summer, and Scrappy Sizzlers”. The show will certainly be bright and cheery with quilts, wall-hangings, and other handiwork like crochet, knit, and embroidery.

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