Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Terroriffic 13th Annual Spook Parade at Lucas Theater

 The Lucas Area Community Theater hosted the 13th Annual Spook Parade on Oct. 27th at 4pm. The Kids for Christ youth group held their annual Bake Sale at 3pm that featured some very yummy treats for the adults. Over 80 Halloween costumed zombies, witches, and very creative "items" march across the stage for their friends and family. The judges were Connie Dougherty, Von Rothenberger, Kay Marshall, and Michaela Pate. They had a tough job judging those young critters and things for the "scariest" and "most unique". The emcee, "Gypsy" Lyn Leach did a fine job interviewing the participants, some had names and some didn't. Prizes were donated by the Lucas Chamber of Commerce, Lucas PRIDE, Lucas Area Community Theater, and Russell McDonalds. Treats were handed to each of the participants, sponsored by the City of Lucas and the Lucas Chamber of Commerce. As you can see we added a few extra age categories with the incredible turn out of spooks. Lyn Leach, with helpers Lynn & Les Schneider, Miki Steinle, and Jedd Rowden did a great job organizing them for the judges.
The winners were: 1 year olds and under - Callyn Brummer as Spaghetti and Graisan Zachgo as Meatball were "most unique" and Daegan Dorris as a Gorilla was "scariest", 2 year olds - Jennifer Gilbert as Medusa was "most unique" and Evan Lamb as Buzz Lighyear was "scariest", 3 year olds - Jerrick Gray as a duck hunter was "most unique" and Kenzley Frederking as Pocahontas was "scariest", 4 and 5 year old Preschoolers - Josie Svaty as Bat Girl was "most unique" and Zayne Maupin as Spiderman was "scariest", Kindergarten - Bella Naylor as Bat Girl was "most unique" and Greyson Boor as a Vampire was "scariest", 1st Grade - McKaylee Maupin as Willie the Wildcat was "most unique" and Susie Gilbert as Alice in Armor was "scariest", 2nd Grade - Ava Dorris as Audrey Hepburn as Holly Golightly in Breakfast at Tiffany's was "most unique" and Javon Letsch as Dr. Death was "scariest", 3rd Grade - Kaleb Bricker as Barney Five was "most unique" and Trinity Sutton as Torelle was "scariest", 4th Grade - Keagan Sutton as BoBa Fet was "most unique" and Alec Weaver as a Skeleton with glowing eyes was "scariest", 5th Grade - double winners were Keera Maupin as a Combine and Kelsey Decker as a Girl riding on an Ostrich for "most unique" and Sasha Albert as Kali goddess of Death was "scariest", 6th Grades through 12 Grades - Dharma C ouse as an IPhone was "most unique" and Bailey Evans as a Creepy Porcelain Doll was "scariest", Adults- "old fart" was the "most unique" and "3 witches" were "scariest". The judges did good but needed some "treats" after the Spook Parade.
Gene and Kayanne Meitler, Heartland Hay, gave everyone a hayrack ride after the Spook Parade. The group was a bit "chilled" when they returned, maybe Gene scared them a bit. Everyone did a great job with some very unusual costumes - we can't wait to see what they "stir up" next year!

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