Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Lucas Spook Parade on Oct. 26th at 2pm

14th Annual Spook Parade at Lucas Theater

The Lucas Area Community Theater hosted the 14th Annual Spook Parade on Oct. 26th at 2pm. Some Ninjas, Shadows, Angels (good & bad), and Vampires (who like neck-tarines!) visited with emcee, Rod Ammons, on stage for family and friends to enjoy their costumes and auditions. The judges were Connie Dougherty, Von Rothenberger, Mari and Mike Tucker. It was a tough job but somebody had to pick the winners for the “scariest” and “most unique”. Prizes were donated by the Lucas Chamber of Commerce, Lucas PRIDE, Lucas Area Community Theater, Russell County Community Partnership, and Russell McDonalds.

The winners were: 1 year olds and under – Daegen Dorris as Mr. Fredrickson from Pixar’s Movie “Up”  was “most unique” and Harper and Tallulah Hogan as Boo-Bees were “scariest”, 2 year olds – Kelton Frederking as Super Man was “most unique” and Carsyn Hower as Flower the Skunk was “scariest”, 3 year olds – Jacob Oltean as a Basketball Player was “most unique” and Evan Lamb as Willie Robertson of “Duck Dynasty” was “scariest”, 4 and 5 year old Preschoolers – Zachary Hernandez as Minion Dave from “Despicable Me” was “most unique” and Kendale Felio as a Pirate was “scariest”, Kindergarten – Chase Palmer as a No. 2 Pencil was “most unique” and Corben Ammon as a Dragon was “scariest”,  1st Grade – Summer Bates as a Dark Angel was “most unique” and Jessica Seirer as a Vampire was “scariest”, 2nd Grade – Blane Lamb as Si Robertson of “Duck Dynasty” was “most unique” and Kolton Palmer as Storm Shadow Ninja was “scariest”, 3rd Grade – Ava Dorris as a Butterfly was “most unique”, 4th Grade – Kaleb Bricker as an Old Man with an Invisible Dog was “most unique” and Zach Rose as the Headless Horseman was “scariest”, 5th Grade – Cameron Waggle as Shadow for “most unique” and Alec Weaver as Skeleton was “scariest”, 6th Grade – Autumn Princ as a Homeless Person complete with Cat was “most unique” and Kelsey Decker as a Headless Girl holding her Head was “scariest”, Grades 7th-8th – Jedd Rowden as a Pig in a Blanket was the “most unique”, Grades 9th – 12th – Philip Felio as a Business Man was “most unique” and Emma Felio as a Pirate was “scariest”. Adults- Dylan Rousch as Tall Guy was the “most unique” and the anonymous Spooky Clown was “scariest”. It was a fun time and all the volunteers did a great job entertaining the spooks and their families.

Treats were handed to each of the participants, sponsored by the City of Lucas, Russell County Community Partnership, and the Lucas Chamber of Commerce. Rod Ammons, with helpers Lynn & Les Schneider, Yasmin Etienne, Dharma Couse, and Jedd Rowden kept the group of tricksters organized for the judges. What will they think of for next year’s Spook Parade?




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