Monday, December 13, 2010

Fantastic Lucas Santa Claus Day, Dec. 18th at 1 pm at Theater

The Lucas Area Community Theater celebrated its 10th year of hosting the Lucas Santa Claus Day on Dec. 18th. The crowd was steady coming through the doors before 1 p.m. with over 100 people enjoying the Chamber Business Drawings, free small pop and popcorn, free movie, and Santa, of course.

Announcements were made for the Business Drawings. Brant’s Meat Market gave out two $20 gift certificates to Danny Naegele and Mary Naegele. Leach and Naegele Hardware gave out two $25 gift certificates to Dave Bricker and Ryan Wolting. The Pony Express Community Bank winners were Steve Hawkins with a $15 gift certificate and Marlys Yarnell with a $10 gift certificate. Troy’s Grocery gave out a $50 gift certificate to Frank Pool and a Nativity Set to Mildred Mettlen. The Lucas Publishing Company gave a free year subscription to Mary Ann Steinle. Lucas Area Community Theater winners were Bailey Evans winning the Wii Game Console, while Jensen Farrington, Gale Kruckenberg, and Mary Ann Steinle each received a 10 Movie Punch Card. Winners of the Chamber Gift Certificates which were drawn out from all the Business Drawing tickets were $50 Gift Certificate to Jamie Beatty, and $25 Gift Certificates to Jeremy Bray and Brent Fredricking. Our Lucas businesses draw several patrons from out of town to Lucas to shop. Way to go Lucas Businesses!

Winners of the Christmas Decorating Contest were Adam Baker for the Judge’s Choice prize of the Christmas Story DVD complete with cap gun and matching pair of miniature leg lamps, Sonny and Lois Cooper for the Rhudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer prize of the Prancer DVD with a Rhudolph singing Red-Nosed Reindeer, and Jim and Vicki McDowell were drawn from a box of about 15 names who had Nativity Scenes for the prize of The Nativity DVD and a nativity stained glass hanging. Take a drive around town and enjoy the lights and decorations, and sit awhile at the PRIDE Mini Park to listen to the Christmas music as the lights dance with the music. Get ready for next year’s Christmas Decorating Contest. The categories will be the Judge’s Choice, Santa Claus Is Coming To Town Song, and Nativity Scene which we will draw a name from all those who have a Nativity Scene.

Everyone enjoyed the free Pepsi and popcorn sponsored by the Lucas Area Community Theater, Inc. and the free movie “Cats and Dogs 2” in 3-D sponsored by Lucas Lions Club, Troy’s Grocery, Pony Express Community Bank, Home Oil Service, Heinze and Associates, Brant’s Meat Market, Rodrick and Minear Funeral Homes, Lucas Publishing Company, Bennington State Bank/Sylvan Grove, Land Pride Mfg., and Sylvan Lions Club. Santa Claus arrived after the movie to visit with about eighty little boys and girls about what they wanted for Christmas with Jamie Beatty helping the kids and Rita Sharp taking pictures. Raquel Sharp helped Santa hand out the treats which were sponsored by the City of Lucas and Lucas Area Chamber of Commerce.

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